Guest Soaps "Love & Fortune"

This is the Savon de Marseille for the happy occasions in life! Made from the same base mass as the SLP125 series soap bars, the come in the same color & scent combinations. The four-leafed clover is made from the "Lime-Basil" soap, the lucky piglet has the scent "Classic Rose", the guardian angel comes in the scent and color of our "Cotton" soap.

We offer small hearts in the popular scents lavender, rose, lime-basil, and grenadine. They are always a nice show of attention or a way to say "I care for you". They go perfectly with our small heart-shaped olive wood dishes, which we offer in a range of sizes. For the occasion of entering a new stage of life, a birthday, an important exam… There are many reasons to wish someone "good luck". Why not do it with a fragrant greeting? Our four-leafed clover and our lucky piglet are popular designs for this purpose, as well as our guardian angel.

For special occasions like weddings, baptisms, or as customer gifts, we have the possibility to produce YOUR VERY OWN guest soaps, embossed with your name, logo, or even in a whole new shape. Don't hesitate to reach out with requests!

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