This is the most natural soap in our portfolio....

Olive Oil Soaps 100g

This is the most natural soap in our portfolio. The raw base of this soap is made from olive and coconut oil, with approximately 60% olive oil, the entire soap mass containing 72% vegetal oils. Does this ring a bell? Exactly! Just like our other soaps, this soap is produced following the traditional Savon de Marseille recipe with at least 72% vegetal oil content. Of course, this soap, too, is 100% VEGAN. It is an especially high-quality soap, without any artificial colors. The color is entirely achieved by adding natural oxides and / or clay. The soaps contain dried herbs or petals, according to their fragrance, for example food grade rose petals, lavender flowers, and verbena leaves. Every soap bar is cut by hand, then manually stamped piece by piece, and finally, also by hand, packaged into wooden crates of 18 pieces for the retail market.

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