In this category of Savon de Marseille we...

Fresh & Spicy

In this category of Savon de Marseille we present the spicier scents of the Provence, for example the herbal notes of "Verbena", "Herbs of the Provence", and "Wild Country". Of course, we all also love classics like "Sandalwood", "Patchouli", and "Green Tea". Experiment with our unusual scents like the refreshing "Cucumber" or "Soleil de Marseille", reminiscent of the aromatic perfume of a sunny market da in Marseille. One of our specialties are the maritime fragrances like "Seaside", "Wild Ocean", and "Flower of Salt". "Flower of Salt" is made with the addition of pure sea salt, creating a very soft peeling effect. A solid customer favourite is the "Black Night" with its rich, seductive allure.

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