Salad bowl, round shape - outer diameter from 20 to 33 cm

Salad bowl, round shape - outer diameter from 20 to 33 cm. Made from very rare with high quality wood - 100% food safe, Each piece is unique!

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Our round salad bowls are made of well seasoned blanks. Our blanks are stored up to 2 years under temperature controlled conditions, not quickly and cheaply "surface-dried" in ovens, like most of our "colleagues" do. Many of our competitors create an almost dry surface in the oven, to be able so sand and finish, but the humidity remains inside the wood and will later result in cracks. If you purchase such a bowl, even though it may be cheap, it will likely crack in your home. This is why we distinguish ourselves from such practices and use only the best and most critically inspected wood for salad bowls. This makes these bowls rare and a bit more pricy. EVERY bowl out of our production is marked with a handwritten signature and the date of manufacturing. You get a high-quality, one of a kind item, instead of anonymous import goods with doubtful origins. We supply our bowls in an assortment of three, one is more shallow, one regular, one deeper. Due to the very limited quantity of blanks, we can´t produce these bowls in high volumes.

Material: Olivewood