Bretter aus Olivenholz, "SX-.Serie"

These Boards from our "SX-Serties" are made of thicker raw material, free from bark, all arround very finer crafted and easy to clean. An absolut hygienic board, very recomanded for adyly use in the kitchen and/serviung plate for cold cuts.
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Boards from ous SX-Seriesd are made of thicker wood. In opposite of many competitors we work off any bark, due to the fact this bark will fall of in any case. The result of thjis will be un unsanded and not hygienic edge, hard to clean and sharp !! This means, if you see a rustic board from olivewood on the market, thios wood is following our expirience not thorougly dry. Due to our very fine finished quality we are certificated from the "Bureau VERITAS" wit the for kitchen items needed LFGB-certificate.
Material: Olivewood